The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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COVID Update - Good News!

Hello Truckee Tribe.  

As the winter continues to plug away your Truckee Tribe Board of Directors have been hard at work putting together a plan for the Spring 2021 Lacrosse season.  As you know, we have been under strict State mandated COVID guidelines.  We had a very successful modified Fall ball program last fall.  Since then, we have been keeping our fingers crossed that the pandemic would start to ease and that we would be able to get the kids back out on the field for a full Spring Lacrosse season.  As of today we received some great news out of the Governor’s office.  It looks like starting 2/26 Outdoor sports will be allowed to resume in counties with fewer than 14 cases of COVID-19 for every 100,000 residents.  Fortunately for us both Placer and Nevada Counties are meeting this requirement.  In addition to this requirement some of our older kids and coaches may have some additional testing requirements that must be meet.   More information on all of this will be coming out soon.

Additionally, As most of you know we play in a league (HSLL) that is mostly comprised of teams from Nevada. Currently, Nevada is still much more restrictive as it relates to youth sports.  That being the case we are still unclear what games may look like.  This situation continues to be fluid and will likely change again before we really start practicing in late March.  We will be sure to keep you updated.  Keep an eye on your email.

In the meantime be sure to visit for spring registration and make sure to get a stick in the kids hands.  It will be Lacrosse Season before you know it!


Tribe Vibe!


by posted 02/19/2021
Spring 2021 Registration is Now Open!

****  Spring 2021 Registration Opens Monday February 1st ****

The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club is excited to announce that we will be registering soon for Spring Lacrosse 2021

The Tribe is endeavoring to get your kids back on the field this spring in a way that will comply with all COVID-19 state and local regulations

California's current regulations on youth sports are the same as they were in the Fall.

In a nutshell, California Regs:

Practice but no competitions in games or tournaments.

Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be able to be maintained

A stable group of players must be able to be maintained


We are hopeful that California will allow youth sports to compete in games, but if they don’t, we will plan a Spring season that complies with the regulations similar to our fall ball structure.

Spring registration fees reflect our hope that we can schedule and play games, but if we do not, fees will be reduced and refunds issued.

The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club is an all-volunteer organization that relies heavily on the member support we get each season for coaching and coordinating. In these unprecedented times, relying on these volunteers is as critical as ever, and your support is being called upon. 

If any family registers but later decides to not participate for any reason through the first 2 weeks, refunds will be given at 100%

All registration can be completed through this website, although you will be redirected to the US Lacrosse website if your child's US Lacrosse membership is not valid through the end of the 2021 season, which is June 20th

A rough outline of key dates:

Key Dates for Spring 2021 Season:

·       2/1/20 - Registration Opens

·       TBD — Parent/Player orientation and rentals 

·       TBD — Older Boys Pre-season practices begin (Mid-March if fields available)

·       3/29 — Boys regular season practices begin M, W, F

·       3/30 — Girls regular season practices begin T, Th, (& Fr for 12U & 14U girls)

·       4/3 - HSLL Youth Games - No Truckee Tribe games

·       4/10/21 to 4/18 -  No Tribe Games. TTUSD Spring Break. (Maybe practice)

·       4/24 - HSLL Youth Games

·       5/1 - HSLL Youth Games

·       5/8 - HSLL Youth Games - Truckee Riverview Supersite Day?

·       5/15 - HSLL Youth Games  - Truckee Riverview Supersite Day?

·       5/22 - HSLL Youth Games - Truckee Riverview Supersite Day?

·       5/29 - No HSLL Youth Games - Memorial Day Weekend

·       6/5 - HSLL Youth Games

·       6/12-13 — Youth Championship Tournament

·       6/19 - Lake Tahoe Summit Lacrosse Classic (LTSLC)

6 Regular Season Saturday Games

2-Day Championship Tournament 

LTSLC - Tribe may sponsor teams. TBD

Note: Historically Riverview opens the 2nd Week of April



6U program

The Tribe hopes be offering a 6U program this season. Girls and Boys ages 5 & 6.

Girls and Boys ages 5 through 6. (Players that were 6 years old or younger on or before August 31, 2021)

To qualify for this age bracket, a player must have been under 6 years of age as of 8/31/21.

Co-Ed 6U Program for Spring 2021

**Tentative Program **

13 sessions. Roughly 60 minutes long. 6 weeks, twice a week Mondays and Fridays, plus our two Riverview Supersite days on Saturdays and hopefully a ‘game’ or two at the End of Season Tournament June 12/13

Starts May 3rd

5/3, 5/7, Saturday 5/8 Supersite Day at Riverview (TBD, and Optional)

5/10, 5/14, Saturday 5/15 Supersite Day at Riverview (TBD, and Optional)

5/17, 5/21, Saturday 5/22 Supersite Day at Riverview (TBD, and Optional)



6/7, 6/11 

6/12 or 6/13


Registration Fees:

$50, plus $30 US Lacrosse Youth Player Annual Membership

(includes pinney, sticker and Warp lacrosse stick)

$25 if you already have a Warp Youth stick from previous seasons


Additional Information:

Warp Youth Lacrosse Stick (included in $50 fee)

The Warp sticks require no maintenance or adjustment unlike all other available lacrosse sticks.  Having a stick that is ready for play right off the shelf with no break-in or adjustment is critical to your child’s success and FUN factor.

Mouth guard (please make sure it is molded prior to first practice)

Cleats (recommended but not required)

Play will be with soft lacrosse balls



The Truckee Tribe is an all volunteer organization. We are always looking for coaching help, especially at the younger age-groups.

We don't yet have coaching lined up for this program, but are optimistic. If you can volunteer to coach, please reach out to . No lacrosse playing experience is needed. 6U is all about basic skills. Scooping, Throwing, Cradling, Shooting and having a lot of fun!


by posted 01/20/2021
Thanks for a great Fall Ball season!


A big "thanks" to all the players, parents, and volunteer coaches who made the Tribe's 2020 Fall Ball season a success.

Keep working on those stick skills and stay tuned for announcements regarding Spring 2021.

Spring will be here soon and we're already looking forward to it.

Tribe Vibe


by posted 10/30/2020
***Update to Truckee Tribe Quality Policy****

***Update to Truckee Tribe Air Quality Policy****

After receiving feedback from members, and in order to align our club with other local area youth sports clubs, and with our league (HSLL), we have amended out Air Quality Policy to use a threshold of 125, down from 150.

We will continue to use the EPA site, AirNow Truckee

 Head coaches and Tribe board officers will determine if play or practice is safe by 3pm.

AQI of 125 or above

UNHEALTHY: All practices are cancelled or moved inside if a location is available. Games will be rescheduled or cancelled. If the AQI is less than 150 and descending, a game may begin if the referee present believes the AQI will continue to drop and the game can be completed safely.

AQI is 100 - 124

Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups:

Practices will proceed, however, coaches should:

Send notice to their respective teams that the AQI is between 100 and 125, and that players sensitive to a higher AQI should not participate.

Continue to monitor the AQI and discontinue practice if the AQI reaches 125.

Monitor athletes for any signs of sensitivity to air pollution or smoke.

Limit and control running and conditioning

Increase the number of water and rest breaks

Limit or excuse those student-athletes that are members of the sensitive group

Check the AQI periodically to stay updated on changing conditions. If AQI reaches, 125 practice is cancelled or everyone must go inside.

Please review additional important information regarding Air Quality Index and monitoring from the Washoe County Health District.

AQI is less than 100

All activities are OK.

More info available at:

by posted 09/15/2020
Truckee Tribe Board Meetings

Truckee Tribe Board of Directors meetings are held the first Monday of each month, with the exception of July and December, when no meetings are held.

Meetings are usually held at either the airport, or the offices of Compass Truckee or via video call.

Next Meeting:


Monday, TBD

Zoom Video Call

All Tribe members are welcome to attend.

email: for info/details

by posted 02/28/2020
Air Quality Policy


Our Air Quality Policy is posted on this website, under Tribe Club / Safety & Health / Emergency Action Plan. It is provided, below, for convenience:

Air Quality - An AQI in excess of 150 will cause all Tribe sanctioned outdoor practices and games to be canceled.  

AQI reading can be found here:

Head coaches and Tribe board officers will determine if play or practice is safe


Additionally, coaches will keep us posted on their assessment as practices approach. In all cases, we ultimately leave the decision of whether or not a child should participate to the discretion of the parent. Air quality can vary within Truckee, conditions are subject to change, and each player's circumstances are unique.

Let's hope for clear skies for many reasons.

Tribe Vibe






by posted 09/05/2018
Tribe Pics!
Age Verification

If you have registered your child to play, please spend a few minutes and age verify though US Lacrosse

Why Age Verification

US Lacrosse is working with youth leagues throughout the country to ensure that players are grouped appropriately to keep players safe and to help make competition fair.

Secure and Easy To Use

The new US Lacrosse age verification system is secure and easy to use. Age verification uses SSL technology, the standard for transmitting sensitive information online.

Steps to Verify the Age of Your Child

  1. Scan or take a photo of your son or daughter's birth certificate or state-issued ID.
  2. Click the button below and log into your account, not your child's.
  3. Upload your scan or photo to our online system.
  4. We'll review your documentation, record the birthdate in our system and then permanently delete your uploaded document.
  5. You'll receive a confirmation email, and you’re done. This is a one-time process that is good for the lifetime of your child’s membership.

Verify Now


You can also take a pic of your child's Birth Certificate with your mobile phone, and email that picture to:

Tribe Vide ————<#)