The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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HSLL Box Lacrosse Registsration is Open!

Look what’s new for ‘22! 

Amazing NEW LOCATION–Swift Sportsdome South. 

Fun NEW FORMAT–House League teams play a game schedule weekly

New LOWER PRICE–more play for less $$

Opportunity to progress to Box Avalanche Travel Program after regular league season (additional fees apply)

There are two components to our 2022-23 Box Lacrosse Program: 

  1. Box House League  - Boys and Girls grades 3 through 12 form age-level teams to play a seven-week game schedule 
  2. Box Avalanche - Competitive travel team and practices. Top players chosen to play in two tournaments: 

Wasatch Invitational Jan. 27-29, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Western BOXLA Invitational - Feb 4-5, Phoenix, Arizona



Box House League 


Box Avalanche



Boys and Girls with intermediate to advanced lacrosse skill

Boys and Girls demonstrating advanced lacrosse skill


Grades 3 through 12

Grades 5 through 12 


8 weeks of Box Lacrosse - one game a week plus instruction, rules, safety training. 

Competitive travel team and practices.
Top players chosen for 2 tournaments


Mon. or Fri. Nov. 7 through Jan. 6

Grades 3-8: Mondays between 430 and 630 pm or Fridays between 430 and 930 pm; schedule pending

Grades 9-12: Mondays between 6:30 and 930 pm; schedule pending

Jan. 9 through Feb. 5, 2023


Weekly practices beginning Jan 9, Mon. or Fri. at Sportsdome South

Two tournaments: 

Wasatch Invitational - Jan. 27-29

Western Invitational - Feb. 4-5 



$250 + per $150 per/tourney


All boys field lacrosse gear + bicep pads and BOX kidney pads

See Box Gear Guide
Box Gear Store Pending

All boys field lacrosse gear + bicep pads and BOX kidney pads

See Box Gear Guide

Box Gear Store Pending





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***Update to Truckee Tribe Quality Policy****

***Update to Truckee Tribe Air Quality Policy****

After receiving feedback from members, and in order to align our club with other local area youth sports clubs, and with our league (HSLL), we have amended out Air Quality Policy to use a threshold of 125, down from 150.

We will continue to use the EPA site, AirNow Truckee

 Head coaches and Tribe board officers will determine if play or practice is safe by 3pm.

AQI of 125 or above

UNHEALTHY: All practices are cancelled or moved inside if a location is available. Games will be rescheduled or cancelled. If the AQI is less than 150 and descending, a game may begin if the referee present believes the AQI will continue to drop and the game can be completed safely.

AQI is 100 - 124

Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups:

Practices will proceed, however, coaches should:

Send notice to their respective teams that the AQI is between 100 and 125, and that players sensitive to a higher AQI should not participate.

Continue to monitor the AQI and discontinue practice if the AQI reaches 125.

Monitor athletes for any signs of sensitivity to air pollution or smoke.

Limit and control running and conditioning

Increase the number of water and rest breaks

Limit or excuse those student-athletes that are members of the sensitive group

Check the AQI periodically to stay updated on changing conditions. If AQI reaches, 125 practice is cancelled or everyone must go inside.

Please review additional important information regarding Air Quality Index and monitoring from the Washoe County Health District.

AQI is less than 100

All activities are OK.

More info available at:

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Truckee Tribe Board Meetings

Truckee Tribe Board of Directors meetings are held the first Monday of each month, with the exception of July and December, when no meetings are held.

Meetings are usually held at either the airport, or the offices of Compass Truckee or via video call.

Next Meeting:


Monday, TBD

Zoom Video Call

All Tribe members are welcome to attend.

email: for info/details

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Air Quality Policy


Our Air Quality Policy is posted on this website, under Tribe Club / Safety & Health / Emergency Action Plan. It is provided, below, for convenience:

Air Quality - An AQI in excess of 150 will cause all Tribe sanctioned outdoor practices and games to be canceled.  

AQI reading can be found here:

Head coaches and Tribe board officers will determine if play or practice is safe


Additionally, coaches will keep us posted on their assessment as practices approach. In all cases, we ultimately leave the decision of whether or not a child should participate to the discretion of the parent. Air quality can vary within Truckee, conditions are subject to change, and each player's circumstances are unique.

Let's hope for clear skies for many reasons.

Tribe Vibe






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Tribe Pics!
Age Verification

If you have registered your child to play, please spend a few minutes and age verify though US Lacrosse

Why Age Verification

US Lacrosse is working with youth leagues throughout the country to ensure that players are grouped appropriately to keep players safe and to help make competition fair.

Secure and Easy To Use

The new US Lacrosse age verification system is secure and easy to use. Age verification uses SSL technology, the standard for transmitting sensitive information online.

Steps to Verify the Age of Your Child

  1. Scan or take a photo of your son or daughter's birth certificate or state-issued ID.
  2. Click the button below and log into your account, not your child's.
  3. Upload your scan or photo to our online system.
  4. We'll review your documentation, record the birthdate in our system and then permanently delete your uploaded document.
  5. You'll receive a confirmation email, and you’re done. This is a one-time process that is good for the lifetime of your child’s membership.

Verify Now


You can also take a pic of your child's Birth Certificate with your mobile phone, and email that picture to:

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