The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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The current nominations for Board seats for the 2022 election are:
Tom Morning
Kristi Hood
Tom Holt
Michael Ricker
We are accepting nomination through September 2nd
Send nominee bio/picture to
Voting will be from September 5th to September 9th 
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Mike Ricker:

Mike grew up in Baltimore, Maryland playing lacrosse his entire childhood. After college Mike moved to San Diego where he played lacrosse in adult men's leagues. He also coached 12U boys during his time there. In 2019, Mike, his wife and two daughters moved to Truckee and shortly after joined the Tribe. He has assisted with the 10U and 12U girls teams and is now the head coach for the 8U girls. He's passionate about lacrosse and the role that team sports play in a child's education. 


Tom Mourning:

I moved to Truckee in 1995 and didn’t know the first thing about lacrosse. Fast forward to 2014 when I became involved with the Tribe when my first of 3 kids (Travis, Calvin and Piper) switched from Baseball to Lacrosse. Ever since, lacrosse and the Tribe have become a part of our family’s life. Many life lessons have been learned on the lacrosse field.

My personal involvement with the Tribe started after Travis’ first season. Knowing nothing about coaching lacrosse, I started coaching the Tribe’s first 8U(now 9U or 6U) team in 2015 with Calvin. It was then when I became truly engaged/engulfed with the Tribe. I saw how the club embraced every player and member as part of their family. I wanted to help grow this great community treasure and started attending board meetings. Later that year I was later voted onto the Board of Directors. I have served on the board since 2016 and have served as past secretary and president.

The goal of the Tribe and the board has always been to: 1. Grow lacrosse by getting as many kids playing as possible and: 2. Create an environment that fosters an inclusion for everyone regardless of ability, knowledge or diversity.

The current board has creative, innovative and passionate parents that want to keep the same club values running strong for years to come. I would like to continue to help with the growth of lacrosse in our community and remain a part the board for another year. I hope you would consider me as a possibility for this year’s board of directors. The Truckee Tribe has truly been a family through the years.

Thank you, Tom Mourning


Tom Holt:

Tom grew up in Newton, Massachusetts playing as many sports as possible. In high school he played football, hockey, lacrosse and golf. He continued to play ice hockey and club lacrosse at Connecticut College. Tom values the lessons he learned through sports immensely so he prioritizes volunteering for youth sports organizations. Tom has coached a variety of youth teams including soccer, baseball and lacrosse. When he moved to Truckee in 2020 his daughter and son started playing for the Truckee Tribe. He was blown away by how fired up the Tribe community is for lacrosse and appreciative of how hard the parents work to make the Tribe a positive experience for our kids. Tom helped coach the 10U girls last spring and looks forward to coaching this coming fall and spring seasons.


Kristi Hood:

Originally from upstate New York, Kristi has enjoyed living in Tahoe since 1996.  Growing up around Lacrosse, but never actually playing, she got involved on the Tribe when they formed a girls team back in 2016.  Kindergartners were playing with 8th graders and it was awesome to watch.  Her daughter's loved it and so did she!  Hooked from the beginning, she started out coaching her oldest daughter Harper on 8u (now a 14u) that next year. She has continued to coach both Harper and Charley over the years and has learned a great deal about lacrosse in that time.  Coaching has been rewarding and fun over the years and she feels Team sports are vital to all children.


Kristi has been an active board member over the years and just spent her last 2 year term as Secretary.  She loves the Tribe Vibe and looks forward to another 2 year term as Secretary.